Psychological Thriller MANGA SERIES

Created by Imani Phillips

What the Readers Say...

"...It's intriguing in its disturbing nature. It also poses some philosophy about the role of animals in society. I think that it is what makes this manga unique.” 


- Tapas Reader



Suffering from insomnia, Young, anti-social doctor Mr.Bleak is a world-famous animal rescuer and an investigator from New York City, rescuing animals day and night. Fed up with the corrupted society that exploits innocent beings then misleads the public into buying products from them he gradually grows disconnected from reality as he becomes obsessed with the idea of everyone seeing the world through his eyes -- and saving all the abused animals.


Title: Bleakville

Creator: Imani Phillips

Style: Left to Right

Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Drama, Action, Tragedy, Mystery


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