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Dr. Aric Bleak


Suffering from insomnia and depression, Dr. Aric Bleak is a world-famous animal rescuer and investigator living in New York City. 


Dr. Bleak rarely smiles. He is a tall skinny well-built man with spiky laid back black hair with 2 M-shaped bangs hanging from the right side. Aric has to wear his thin black eyeglasses most of the time because he is both nearsighted and farsighted. His style of clothes is business or business casual. The main outfit he wears is a long white coat, dark grey dress shirt, black pants, black dress shoes, and his black tie, which he adjusts right before he goes into hero mode.


Dr. Bleak is an introvert. He doesn't talk to people much, but when he does, his speech is short and blunt. He prefers to work alone, but he attracts a leadership demeanor that people follow. He is seen by some as an animal-saving superhero but seen by others as a pesky vigilante punishing “alleged” animal abusers. He’s Pessimistic attitude makes him believe the worst will always happen. Aric doesn't know when to take a day off. He works day and night, doing whatever it takes to fulfill his dream. He is very athletic and skilled at many things, but he never brags, his followers do it for him. Even though Dr.Bleak is a very wealthy public figure, he lives a simple lifestyle, in contrast to an extravagant one.



World Famous Animal Rescuer

Birthday: December 22 

Height: 6’0  

Weight: 148lbs

Age: 24


Pessimistic, laid back


CEO of Bleak AR Agency

Animal Investigator / Rescuer / Veterinarian




Animals, His Pet Bunny, being alone


Crowded Places, The Smell of Meat, Conversations

Favorite Food: Carrot Soup

Dislikes Sweet Food

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